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Educational Articles

Below you will find links to a myriad of educational articles written by MABCR volunteers in the hopes that sharing our knowledge will be helpful to others. The articles will open in pdf format that you can read online, or print for reference. Subjects are arranged by like topic grouping.

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If you would like information on a subject not found here, or have questions not answered, please feel free to email me here.

Adopting a New Dog:

Article: What is Rescue
Article: Myths Surrounding Rescue and Rescue Dogs
Article: Reasons Why Dogs are Turned over to Rescue
Article: Living With Border Collies
Article: Have kids? Should you adopt an Adult? or Pup?
Article: Does Sex Really Matter?
Article: A Few of My Favorite Things

Article: The Jess and the Real Reality of Border Collies

Link: Thinking about adopting littermates?

Article/resource: Rescue Smart -- preparing for integration

Article: Reading Recommendations

Health and Nutrition:

Article: Basic Vaccines
Article: Dr Dodd's Vaccine Recomendations
FAQ: Vaccines: Ask the Expert 
WDG: Sorting the Vaccine Puzzle

Article: What is Heartworm
WDG: Heartworm Treatments Defined
Article: Heartworm Disease Management
Link: Reference Flea, Tick, and Heartworm meds

Article: Feeding your New Friend
Article: How We Feed and Why
Website: Dog Food Advisor
Illustration: Puppy Body Condition Chart
Illustration: Adult Dog Body Condition Chart
Link: Body Condition Scale
Link: Fit or Fat? Can you tell the difference?
Link: Obesity in dogs

Article: Canine CPR

Link: Resources To Turn To If You Are Having Trouble Affording Veterinary Care For Your Dog


Article/resource: Rescue Smart -- integrating your new dog
Article: Two Week Shutdown
Article: Nothing in Life is Free

Article: 6 Signs of a Great Dog Trainer (SpiritDog Training)
Link: Basic Puppy Training (SpiritDog Training)

Article: Teachable Moments

Article: Housebreaking
Article: How To Teach Your Dog to Ring a Bell to go Outside
Article: Where is The Bathroom?
Article: Housebreaking and Containment
Article: Crate Training for Life - Eight Reasons Why
Article: Housebreaking - WDJ

Article: Heel (Leash walking Without Pulling)
Article: Crossing Streets With Permission

Article: Why We Do Not Recommend Electric Training Collars

Article: Two Toy Game
Article: Rock gets a Crate or Why we Recommend Crate Training

Traveling with your Dogs:

Article: Why Dogs Should Be Restrained in a Moving Vehicle
Article: Options for Restraining a Dog in Your Vehicle
ArticleChoosing and Fitting a Crate to Your Vehicle
Article: Emergency Letter to Keep in Your Vehicle

Living with Dogs and Nature:

Article: Co-existing with Coyotes

Children and Dogs:

Article: Kids, Dogs, and Respect (SpiritDog Training)
Article5 steps to living with babies and dogs (Canon Dog Training)
Article: Old Dog, New Kids Challenge

Poster: How children should interact with dogs
Poster: How children should not interact with dogs

Dealing with Lost or Missing Pets:

Article: How to Find a Lost Pet


Article: 101 Things You Can Do

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