Dog Days

Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

16 September 2010

Adoption Update: Jill (was Lil)

Jill passed her ORT (odor recognition test) at at a K-9 Nosework camp this past weekend. My only regret is that she isn't younger because she is not just good at scent work but would have been a gifted search and rescue dog given the chance. Jill found a half a Q-tip scented with the target odor in a 5 room search area in 45 seconds. I had to brag since I'm still high as a kite:) She has by far more raw talent than any dog I handled in years of military police/customs dog work.

She has been to several seminars since I've had her as well as living across the street from a park where she has had the fortune/misfortune of being exposed to firefighter rodeos (really loud), Highland festivals (lots of bagpipes) and concerts (lots of really bad, loud music), crowds and fireworks all summer long. She is also the mascot at my community garden.

She seems more than tolerant humans no matter what size or how rude as well as noise. She crates well and will relax comfortably if put away for some down time.

She really is the perfect dog (Thank you Sarah) and we love her to death,


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