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Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

12 October 2010

Adoption Update: Cody


It is good to hear from you. Cody is doing very well. He is my best buddy. His has his front paws in my lap now as I type. I'm sorry we (temporarily) lost touch. Over the winter I took Cody through three consecutive agility classes. Two of which were REAlly fun and we learned a lot of extra fun games to play at home. Some were crate games so he became more 'friendly' with his crate. I even started to teach him to ride a skateboard.

.... now for the news.... Cody and I moved to California this week. It was a very sudden change in work assignments for me. So, we are currently living in a very nice apartment complex. It has a dog park on the property and it is adjacent to a wonderful (human) park that has a large dog park within walking distance. I think he (and I ) will really like it here. We live in Santa Maria California. It is called the "central coast". very close to the beaches. He and I are going to the beach now. I am curious about his reaction. I have never seen him around water.

Take care . 

Ann & Cody


Kim said...

Cody looks very happy. He's a very special guy! I'm so thankful he has found a wonderful forever home with you. :-)

Kim said...

Cody looks very happy. He is a very special guy. I am so very thankful he has such a good forever home with you.