Dog Days

Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

18 March 2011

In Memoriam: Otis Schemm

OTIS 2003??-03.08.11

Otis entered my life in late summer, 2007. A handsome lad with a sweet demeanor, Otis was a wonderful companion. I asked Sarah for a border collie and she thought I wanted a high energy dog to compete. When I told her that I wanted a mellow dog, she suggested Otis. When I got out of my car at the farm, there was this gentle dog. Sarah showed me how he “danced” to music. That was it. How could anyone resist such a happy guy.

He was the perfect height for pats and hugs, right under your fingers when standing. He loved to chase deer and ground hogs, nuzzle the barn and house cats and watch the horizon for encroaching wild life. He monitored the fields around the house.

Otis had a sense of humor and liked to lunge at the horses—as long as they were behind fences and ran to me when Bea got too aggressive with playing. 80 lbs. trying to hide behind me!

It is sad to have no Otis watching out the window as I pull up the driveway into the garage after work, no guy to greet me quietly as I open the door and no nuzzle for treats.

His health was fine until a week before his death. I noticed large lumps in his throat area and went to vet and got the bad news.

Otis followed me everywhere even on the last day of his life, when he was gravely ill. His quiet departure in my arms was a comfort because his health was so compromised by a fast moving lymphydema. He knows how much I loved him and I am grateful for the honor of owning him for 4 wonderful years. He will always have a special place in my heart.


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