Dog Days

Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

27 May 2011

Jane: Donations needed

Meet Jane:

oh, sorry.

Meet Jane:

Jane is deaf. 

Jane came into rescue to help her find the perfect home. She is a wonderfully fabulous pup, who is smart and silly, and sweet, and bright and all of the great things anyone would want in a pup. She just cannot hear.

Jane is in a foster home that is working with her to teach her hand signals and such so she will transition easily into her new home. 

Her training has already begun, she knows how to take long walks (off leash) with a human and a pack of dogs. She also knows how to hang out at dog trials and how to ooze uber-cuteness.

She likes watching the dogs work, though can sometimes get excited and bark (silly girl!!)

MABCR is asking for financial assistance in order to purchase a vibrating collar for Jane. Her training will include using the vibrating collar to teach her recall and to 'look' at her handler. The collar will go with her to her new home so her new family can use it for continuing training, and communication with Jane so she can become the great dog she is destined to be!

Donations can be made through our website via paypal, or by mailing a check to:

Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue 
24420 Chestertown Road 
Chestertown MD 21620 USA

Jane says Thanks!

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Pete Byrne said...

It is good to see that Jane is being taught hand signals. I encourage every dog owner to teach their dog(s) basic hand commands. As our 12-year old loses more and more of her hearing, I am thankful that I taught her hand signals back in our obedience trial days, It's the only way she knows what I'm asking her to do.