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Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

21 July 2011

Adoption Update: Hattie is now Summer!

Hi Barbara and Peter,

Now that we're past the two week "let's see" period, I thought you would like an update.
That little dog you harbored, who so often tucked her tail between her legs in some kind of trepidation, now wags it almost incessantly. We changed her name today to Summer, aka Summy, because she embodies all the joy of a lovely summer day (not this 100 degree stuff). With all respect to great great Aunt Hattie, combined with the instruction to "potty," Hattie and potty had just too many hard consonants, Ts that is.

She traveled with us for the family reunion for nearly a week like a veteran. Probably thought that that was what life was going to be like with us: all three always together in the car, in little hotel rooms, and at parties.

She was the charmer of the reunion with cooing little girls vying for the privilege of walking or entertaining her. She never missed an event or embarrassed us at either of the hotels. We only parted company during that brief time when we went to breakfast during which, we're tolld by hotel staff, she never whimpered, whined, or barked.

We've been living with a borrowed crate but today bought her her very own. At night, when I go to bed, she jumps up into her crate, ready to sleep, which she does until morning. We close the door eventually but when I open it in the morning, she repeatedly leaps straight up and down, reminding me of the joy and energy of greeting every day. (Incidentally, the other name we considered was "Happy" as she does now embody that quality.)

Monday, to get acquainted, I'll stop by both the recommended local vet and Canine Country Club. The later is for grooming and some help with appropriate training, which we realize we need some help with.

We are having a little difficulty with the house training since we came home but are grateful she never piddles inside. (That's the stuff that leaves rugs smelling, no?) But now that we're home I believe we can get her into some kind of rhythm.

She's always been on a leash but today, as I was watering back yard containers, I freed her. She started to stray only once but is, of course, is interested in chasing after every bird, squirrel, and butterfly.

I would say Summer landed in that soft spot we all wanted for her. After I take her out first thing in the morning, she then runs up to our bed to snuggle with Gordon for a few minutes. Pretty savvy doggie.

We are grateful to you,
Kate and Gordon

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