Dog Days

Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

11 July 2011

Adoption Update: Hattie

Hi Barbara,

Hattie has had a busy day. She has met neighbors, one at a time, on both sides of us and across the road. Plua indoors she has had Harry following the end of her leash continuously. In other words, at one end of the leash is Hattie and the other, Harry. So far, Hattie is ignoring Harry. But that will change. Hattie has landed, I believe, in that soft place that we all wanted for her.

Thank you so much for all your fostering, your caring, and your help in bringing us all togther. Hattie did sit at the front door for about 15 minutes after you left before she came back to engage with us. She obviously loved you and we respected that moment of devotion she paid to you. But then, she  went back to the now. That she entered enthusiastically.

Outdoors, she comes when called, has fun, and potties properly. Inside, no accidents, she has a new bigger crate than what you saw, and declined to eat her evening meal. But then, I waited an hour, took her out for some socialising, and then dished  up an apetiser of one tsp ice cream for Gordon to give her. She polished that off and then went back up to her crate and her dinner. Done deal. Every morsel.

She's very tired now. Been a busy day. Time to sleep. Harry will be snoozing right by her crate. When I first saw her, I knew she needed a soft landing space. Think she's home. Your Border Collie rescue group has scored big for a small dog. We thank you. She's the new toast of the neighborhood and the new love of our hearts.

Kate and Gordon

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