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Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

12 July 2011

Kent County MD Missing Dog: Jude -- Please share if you are local!

Jude has gone missing from Victory Farm (rt 20 across from the Elks Club). She slipped her collar at 9am, slid under our main gate and was gone. If you are local, please share within the county.

Jude is the dog that came in on the transport last night. She is a little scrappy thing and is used to surviving on her own. She likes children, but WILL RUN if pushed. If you see her, squat and call to her quietly, in an excited voice. You can reach me on my mobile if you find or spot her.

Jude was seen 10 minutes after escape running down Bakers Lane, so she is headed to the Fairlee/Rock Hall area. She is heartworm+ and needs meds...

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Sarah said...

Jude has been found (same day, she came home and was sleeping under my truck). Thanks for everyone's concern. Sarah