Dog Days

Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

23 December 2011

Adoption Update: Annie

Good Afternoon Sarah,
Hope all is well on the farm.  MaryAnn and I have been having the best times with Annie, she is such a marvelous girl.  She is the perfect lady when in the house its amazing.  She gets her daily run/walks combined with chuckit play and this dog is incredibly fast!    Her personality is wonderful with people and other pets, however she does pull hard  if she is not permitted to sniff others. Her athleticisim is astonishing, I have never seen a dog so smooth and effortless at jumping over things and prancing across the fields

  Bicycles and cars are clearly her issue, however with bikes we have her sit and hold a treat thus she will ignore. Cars only seem to be a real issue when they come directly at us, however she will sit in the driveway watching quietly as cars pull in and out and drive up the street. She is really lots of fun and so so smart. She has grown to become a lap dog sitting on the sofa and sneaking onto the bottom of out bed at night, she just finds her own little spot and does not wake us. 

The Fletchers 

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