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Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

04 January 2012

Volunteer Brags

Note to the reader: without Volunteers, MABCR could not, and would not exist as it does today. Our Volunteers are the unsung heroes, and are the fuel that drives us forward. On 31 December I participated in the last transport of the year. I met Volunteer Denise Sayer in Queenstown at 7.30am after she had our new guest handed off to her by Carol Eyler in Gaithersburg. Carol had met the 5am transport in Hagerstown.

Later that day I got a note from Denise. It follows:
In 2011 I had the honor of being both the first and last transport of the year.

I had 1607 miles in transports (15 dogs)
I had 143 miles in home visits
I had 506 miles in other activities like volunteering at the MABCR booth and dropping off donations

Denise Sayer
Thank you to Denise and all of the other hard working and dedicated MABCR Volunteers for a great 2011. On to 2012!

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