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Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

10 February 2012

How to Greet a Dog (or Not!)

Recently there was an anchorwomen bitten on air by a dog she did not know well. While there is no blame to lay, the woman made some classic mistakes while interacting with the dog. Indeed, the dog should not have bitten, however, the interaction inadvertently invited his negative response, ending in surgery for the woman and quarantine for the dog.

I thought it timely to post the poster below, click here to view it larger.

The lesson here is that sometimes it is better to follow 'rules' than our instincts. I know I am easily persuaded to coo at a cute dog, but truly, if you do not know the dog well, it may be a mistake. Be sure to teach young children the same, children are at eye level with many dogs, making it even easier for them to be in the dog's face.

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