Dog Days

Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

07 May 2012

Meet Tess!

Tess is charming and made herself at home in her new foster home immediately. She has excellent house manners, which encouraged me to try giving her some freedom at night. Since she's crated while I'm at work, I thought that I would put up the baby gate and let her sleep loose in the kitchen. It worked the first night, but then the next night I woke up in the morning to three bodies curled up in bed - Brewster, Ember...and Tess! She jumped the gate and slipped quietly into bed. She didn't even wake me up! Since this isn't something she can necessarily do in her new home, she had to go back to sleeping in the crate at night.

I took her to tracking class with me on Saturday and she was so well behaved. Although slightly shy with new people, she warms up quickly. She walked very well on a leash, but that could be because she wants to be right by my side. She does love the car, and I have to be careful to open the crate door before giving her too much lead since she will try to jump in, even with the door closed. After tracking, a group of us went to lunch and the cars were lined up in the parking lot with the backs open. I could watch her as she sat quietly in the crate watching the restaurant the entire time. She never took her eyes off until I came back.

She is OK with cats, but I wouldn't put her in a home with a cat unless it was a pretty bombproof cat that doesn't 'run'. She is pretty good on the whole, but likes them to run so she can chase them. He doesn't run, so they just have a standoff going on.  

She goes right in her crate, and she's learning some self control as I make her wait calmly before letting her out. She is a nice mix of energy and calmness. She never stops wagging her tail and is a very happy girl. You can tell that she would love to have a person to be "all hers".

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