Dog Days

Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

11 November 2012

Jr Workday SUCCESS!!!

Today was so much fun. I hope everyone who came enjoyed themselves as much as I did.

There was figuring out what sort of bulbs, and how to plant them.

which side is up?

How deep do they get planted?

Looking up varieties in the catalogues...Landreth Seeds donated bulbs and seeds...

Whisper enjoyed watching...

Dee did some teaching.

Dee and Liam

Looks like the kids planted 400 or 500 bulbs today...

the BIG Scene

wow, is this going to look amazing in the springtime!!

Laird and Lins talk with Miss B about planting

Marci and Daria

Sarah and Sully and Chris and Kyle and Garrett and Gary

Liam and Emmy

Sarah and Sully and Liam took ownership of the Entry Garden

Gary and Chris and Kyle took ownership of the Welcome Garden

Marci and Whisper

Sarah and 'the White Dog'

Daria collecting toys

Barbara had an audience

Marci and Daria and Garrett (with Whisper and puppy Quinn)

Thank you everyone!!!!

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