Dog Days

Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

17 January 2014

Adoption Update: Ray!

Hi Sarah,
Just wanted to let you know how Ray's wellness exam went.
We stopped on the way at the pet supply store and he thoroughly enjoyed himself snooping around and meeting the clerk. No problems, happy and confident!
Next stop, the vet's. I took some treats along. I've been using his kibble for training treats. He's had some soft stools off and on and I haven't wanted to give him anything extra until that was dealt with. I got him some raw bones, but for the same reason, haven't yet given him one.
He waltzed right in and made himself at home. The waiting room wasn't frantic but there were plenty of people and other dogs/cats there and nothing bothered him in the least. His tail was waving the whole time and his demeanor was relaxed and happy. I did some little exercises with him and he was focused and enjoyed doing them. He even flopped on the floor and stretched out (with tail still thumping).
That attitude carried through to the exam room and vet as well. Even on the table he flopped down with tail wagging (all the closer to lick faces). He was very sweet and laid back about his exam and the vet was most impressed with him. She found him healthy and guessed his age to be around 8 months or so. We're making him a year old on January 9th, when we got him.
I noted that his weight listed on the records you sent was 31 lbs. on December 17th. Last night he weighed 36 lbs. so he's gained 5 lbs. since he was neutered.
So, just wanted to let you know how he made out. I don't see how he could have possibly behaved any better!

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