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Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

06 October 2010

Adoption Update: Alyce (or ??)

Hi Sarah,

Sorry to not have checked in before this.  We've been very busy socializing.  She was alarm barking at everyone she saw so I've walked her on a bike/walking path the past couple days then today the regional cross country races were at the park across the street so there were hundreds of kids running.  She started out barking at a few people and Jill glared at her as if the say "shut up you little fool, the humans are everywhere get over it."  And lo and behold she is already 1000% times better.  I'm sure it will be awhile before all the new stuff in her world is normal to her but she making great progress.

She also already learned that the crate door doesn't open and the leash doesn't go on till she sits and she's really good at it.  Smart dog!!

She chews with more vigor  than any BC I've had.  I mean like a pitbull:)  She tore up a red kong that I stuffed for her.  I guess I'll have to buy her the "big dog"  black ones or maybe stuff truck tires. 

Do you have any recommendations?

Mary and ?


Anonymous said...

My recent rescue is doing the same thing chewing and biting. He grabs hold and shakes things like they're on fire. He really goes after my neighbors chocolate lab's ears!!!! Otherwise he's wonderful sit, stay, come, crate, potty, leash. It's just the mouth....I'm hoping his age of 4 months is the primary reason!!!!!


Sarah said...


Actually, Alyce (??) is a heavy chewer, not a biter. Two very different things. Alyce (??) chews things to pieces. Toys, blankets, towels, kongs, etc.