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Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

03 October 2010

Adoption Update: Tuck

Dear Sarah,

It has been nearly 2 years since we got this note below (the approval letter) from you and we adopted Tuck, originally known as Tux.

We just want to let you know how great our experience with Tuck has been !! You matched us with the perfect dog.   As you said, "he is an honest dog," and that has surely been correct.  There is nothing more we could want from such a great dog.  He is a buddy and wonderful family memeber for all of us, including our Aussie mix and the 3 cats.

On the Agility side, he has been BRILLIANT.  A fast and eager learner and a great competitor.
He loves it as much as we do.  We expect that before the end of this year he will get his "CATCH" which is the Champion Agility title within CPE.  He accomplished this very fast, mostly because he qualifies on nearly every run.  We attached a photo of him clearing a 20 inch double, but you can see he clears his required jump height by a mile. The boy is a real flyer.  Evidently smooth coats are very aerodynamic !

But as I said, it is not only about the agility.  He is an all around wonderful boy! Thanks for picking him for us.  Maybe some time in the future we will again contact you for another adoption, although Tuck may be impossible to match !

If you come across another "Tuck-in-the-making" who needs a good home, feel free to contact us.

Hope all is well with you.
Brian and Jeanette 

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