Dog Days

Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

29 December 2010

Adoption Update: Gus (the German Shepherd puppy!)

Gus is doing really well. He's smart, willing, devilish, fun, and a pain in the ass. 
He's willing to be housebroken and gives signals (and I take him out every half hour depending on when he's last eaten and drunk). He knew what his duck, which is currently in his sleeping crate, was almost immediately. He slept all through the first night in the crate in our bedroom with a minimum of fuss, woke at 4am this morning to be taken out to pee and poop, then went back into the crate ( and I back to bed after quacking the duck a little bit, which is funny to listen to) with a minimum of fuss for another two hours. 

Both Sunday and yesterday he's walked and run with us on the farm for 2 miles with the other two dogs with great pleasure (I keep him on a long lead), has ridden with us to the pluckers and been introduced to Shirley A, and woofed protectively at Gary n the gloaming this morning when he came out to where I was with him and Rose in the back yard. He seems to understand words surprisingly well, and automatically sits to have his lead put on at the door, something I assume your son did, which is very fetching. I think he's going to work out really well.

I may be taking him for a play date today (our two old girls are not really into playing) with a friend's 2 year old poodle, and want to stop and visit Chris and Liz's kids if we can connect today.

Thanks so much, Sarah, for all your and everyone else's work in this. I really appreciate it.


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