Dog Days

Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

19 January 2011

Adoption Update: Gus

He's now Hoglet. His well-baby checkup turned him in at 28 lbs, and he's gained, I'm sure, 4 since then, nearly doubling his overall size. Fortunately, he's been able to go up and down stairs on his own for a couple weeks now.

He's very smart, very male -- he loves being outside, is shrewd about waiting as long as he can before eliminating since he knows, in this weather, as soon as he does, he's back inside. The girls (my two 11-year-old bitches, who are sufficiently bitchy to him to keep in semi-in line) initiate play with him, even tho he drives them crazy.

He mostly sleeps through the night, lets me know (very subtly with a little mystified whimper) that he needs to go out and is a lovely car companion. He's very friendly with both people and dogs (although I need to make more effort to expose him to calm small children), has had several very nice play-dates with the dogs of friends, is excited about his daily walk on a friend's farm, and can bite through leashes in less than a second.

Altogether, he's very satisfactory for a puppy.

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