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Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

01 March 2011

Adoption Update: Tuli Goes Home!

Editors note: Tuli has been with me nearly a year. That does not happen often, but when it does, it is always a special dog that needs the perfect home. Tuli was never a favorite of anyone but me, I adore her spunk, charm, and super-badness. Tuli patiently waited for the perfect home. Chris and Bob adore her as well!


Here's Tuli's update for your blog.

            It's now over 24 hours since we got Tuli home. She's was quiet and good on the way home, although she might have gotten a little sea sick on the ferry as there was a little bit of spittle in her crate. 
            So far there's is no bad barking. She started a low bark while looking out the windows, but became silent when she was told not to. No accidents either. Did her business on our early morning walk in the cornfields. She's a scavenger though, got to watch out what she finds out there! Yucky to us but yummy to her! 

  We couldn't find a crate yesterday but she slept very well in her own bed next to ours. We took her out shopping for it today where she was very popular at the local pet store. I put her in the new crate and I went to my office to work for a little bit, I'm still there writing this update and she's still being very good. She's so smart, she's already got our routine down. You show her something once and she's got it!
            We are so happy and she seems to be too! Thanks to all in helping this adoption happen. Our Tuli girl is home!

Chris and Bob
Cape May, NJ

P.S.Sarah, I hope to get some better pics later on. It's hard to get her to pose!

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