Dog Days

Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

29 April 2011

Adoption Update: Bella


You heard right, Bella is a special dog.  We have never experienced anyone like her.  I doubt she realizes she is a dog. She thinks she is people.  She greets everyone with a hug and you have to be on guard for the kiss that comes with it. She wants to be with you all the time. Walks well on a leash. Is content in her crate. She has one alongside Judy's bed where she sleeps. One in the TV room where she eats and stays when we have to go away. She will go in either one and lay down when she feels like it. So the crates are a secure place for her.. Judy and I both take her for walks, mostly on a leash, Judy is afraid she will kick out a rabbit and take off.  I walk her out without one sometimes when she is done she will head for the house.  She goes along on the golf cart when we go for the mail. (We have a long lane.)  Took her awhile to get used to that! She sits close and helps me drive.
    She never learned to play, we are trying to work on that.  We have yet to hear her bark. So we may have to depend on her hugging an intruder to delay them...She will sit on my lap on my recliner. We've taken some naps. She Has really adopted Judy and can usually be found sleeping on the floor next to wherever Judy is.
    Our Son brings his dogs to visit and she does well with them.  She ignores our house cat, so there are no issues there.   We are all settling in with each other and doing fine. She has very soft fine hair and feels like a mink coat. Everyone just raves about her. She is very pretty with classic Border Collie markings. She has found a home here. 
    Thanks for your help in locating her.   


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