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Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

29 April 2011

Adoption Update: Double Play -- Jeb and Leap!

Thanks, Sarah --

 We love the work that you do at MABCR; if not for you, we wouldn't have Jeb and Leap!  They are both doing great.  Still love to run and do so whenever possible.  Jeb has become a barker, though, and we're going to need to cure him of that!  (Don't know if you recall, but when we got him, you had never heard him bark.  Well, he's found his voice and has made up for lost time!)  Leap is very loveable.  She craves the attention and at times I think she'd be happier as an only dog!  (She will literally steal any attention away from Jeb.)

We hope to visit sometime soon; Selena and I are in Middletown this summer, so maybe an opportunity will present itself.

I'll try to send a picture of the boy and girl sometime soon.

Take care,

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