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Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

25 June 2011

Canine Hardware Chuckit Ball Launcher Toy Review

Chuckit Ball Launcher Toy Review --

Rachelle and Moss Daigneault

Price $6.50 to $12 (online comparison shopping)

Simply put, the Chuckit Ball Launcher is the best dog exercise tool ever invented. It is in the same category as Velcro and duct tape. If you like handling slobber covered tennis balls, then don’t get one. If you have a throwing arm like Cy Young, then don’t get one. If you live with a lap dog that cringes at the thought of putting its paws on solid ground, then definitely don’t get one. If you have a wild dog who loves to careen across a field in hyperdrive to fetch a ball, this is your tool. Young or old, fit or frail, it is easy to get seriously unexpected distance with a Chuckit. I speak from personal experience. Getting older has not improved my pitching arm but the Chuckit has.  Be your dog’s besty and get this ball launcher! I have a blue one.


Anonymous said...

We LOVE it, too, and echo Sarah's thoughts on it. Our laucher is red and has lasted at least 3 years, but the balls have a tendency to go missing so keep a supply on hand. Tennis balls will work. Get a meteorlight ball for night time fun! Marcia, Jeff and Ms Maxie

BWE said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto on the Chuckit Ball Launcher. wouldn't be without one. I use mine to play with four dogs at a time. One of them is the main retriever (Bonnie), and she has four admiring brothers who play alongside her. One of thenm needs to have a tennis ball in his mouth at all times. For this reason, I always start with at least three tennis balls.

simpledaisy said...

Hi there!! thanks for entering my give-away:):)

I took a peek through some of you doggie photos and I am thinking my sweet Ruby girl must have some Border Collie in her!! She was a rescue and is 100% mutt....but let me tell you she has energy plus some!!
I try to run as much as I can!! She can bust out 4 miles without even panting!! heehee:)

Sarah said...


Border Collies are just fancy mutts. Did you know that? Glad you rescued, we need all the help we can get.

I watch your blog closely. I love your pieces!!