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23 June 2011

Nina Ottosson's Tornado Toy Review

Tornado Toy Review – 

by Jaclyn and Vivie Waryasz

Price $40+

I bought the toy for as a Christmas Present for Vivian.  I thought she would like the food reward aspect and I liked that is was marketed as a challenging dog toy.  Apparently, the marketers do not have Border Collies. 
There was a several page instructional booklet along with a how to DVD.  I was getting excited – if it was this difficult to use than maybe it would provide hours and hours of entertainment for Vivian.  
I filled the first level with dog treats and inserted the bone shaped ‘lock’ and handed the toy to Vivian with the command “Find It.”   Anticipating that this could take some time and be a little frustrating for Vivian I sat with her and gave her encouragement when she got close to the lock like the book said.  After about 2 minutes she had gotten the lock out and had all the treats.  
WHAT???  This was supposed to take a lot longer.  Maybe it’s because I only set up the first layer.  So now I set up all 3 layers.  I still sit next to her for encouragement thinking that the first time was a fluke (I spent how much for 2 minutes of entertainment?).  No it was not a fluke . . . she had all three layers unlocked and the treats devoured in less than 5 minutes.
All in all it is a fun toy.  Vivian loves getting treats from it but it is not worth the heavy price tag for just a few minutes a day.  If it could really provide 30 minutes to an hour of play time it would be worth it – and maybe it can be but not just for Vivian.

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