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Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

19 October 2012

Emergency foster needed for Senior in need

Folks, this is Cody.Through no fault of his own, Cody is in a shelter, and has been for a while. His human was involved in a court case and Cody and his packmates were held in the shelter awaiting the outcome of the case.

Cody has been released by the court, and is now allowed to be placed. We were asked to help, because Cody is 17. Yep, you read that right. Cody is 17, and needs a soft place to fall.

Cody currently appears to be in good health. He is neutered and reportedly has no issues that need immediate attention, other than he needs a nice bed to lay on, a warm hand to pat his head, and a roof to sleep under.

Shelters and Rescues have a very, very difficult time placing Senior dogs. Understandably, as dogs like Cody may have a few months, to a few years left, but in the short period of time, they have lots, and lots of love to give.

Are you able to help Cody have a Happily Ever After?

There would be no 'fee' to take Cody home, though there would be a contract. All we ask is that you provide Cody with the best life possible, for however long that life may be.

Please contact me directly at

And thanks for considering.

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