Dog Days

Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

08 December 2012

Adoption Update: Molly (was Holly)

Hello everyone!

The new addition to our home (we've started calling her Molly) is settling in nicely.  We've signed her up for her first 8 week training class starting next Saturday at the Coventry School in Columbia.  She's pretty good with sit/lay down and a partial roll over.  We're still working on leash walking and jumping.  

Delilah has taken to her new friend quite nicely.  We've already taken several trips to a safe off-leash area and they've had a blast.  Check out a short video I shot to see how much fun they are having!  Delilah is definitely enjoying having Molly around.  Just the other day, I saw Delilah chase a frisbee I threw for Molly.  This may not sound like much, but for a dog that previously showed no interest in toys, it was quite a development!  I hardly recognize the Delilah in that video!

We're off to our first group trip to the dog park.  Wish us luck!



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