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Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

17 July 2013

Happy Got Day, Charley!!

Greetings from California on Charley's 3rd honorary birthday, and our 2nd "anniversary."  I remember every detail about the day I brought him home like it was yesterday.  

I'm sending two pictures of Charley -- he and I on the beach in Carmel, and a handsome mug shot looking out his favorite window.  Charley is doing very well these days, but we've definitely had some challenges this year.  Charley had a long bout with an unidentified illness/condition in November and December.  The poor boy had to be hospitalized to keep him hydrated.  We had test after test, but they never figured out exactly what was wrong.  And then this spring he had some mild seizures.  I think the seizures were caused by Frontline.  I did a lot of research online, and his symptoms exactly mirrored those of other dogs, about 48 hours after treatment.  Needless to say, we've moved onto a natural flea treatment.  As I look back, now wonder if his earlier health problems were also caused by Frontline too.  But we'll never know.  

The best part of the year was his 5-month cohabitation with a Great Dane, my niece's dog who lived with us last fall.  Though the Dane was 4 times bigger, Charley had no problem bossing her around. And Charley also found good use her.  He figured out how to stand in her shadow on walks in order to stay cool.  Smart boy!

Charley continues to be a loyal companion, a charmer and shameless womanizer, and a little crazy and obsessive.  He has a new border collie friend in the neighborhood who is the first dog who can out-maneuver him.  And he's perfected a new skill -- pitch-matching a howl to the sound of fire or police sirens.  One day on a walk, as an ambulance roared by, he sat on the sidewalk in front of our neighborhood restaurant and did a perfect long imitation.  He got quite an ovation from the people at the restaurant.  It's quite a skill he has.

I think of you guys often, and hope that border collies continue to find good homes everywhere.


ps Barbara -- I get SO many compliments on the leash.  It's holding up beautifully.  If they're sold online, I could definitely direct people to the site.  I'll probably need a new one someday too.

Editor's note: the three-way leash can be purchased by sending us an email...we do hope to have an online store someday!

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