Dog Days

Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

22 February 2014

Johnson State University: Why did we choose Mid Atlantic Border Collie Rescue?

Why did we choose Mid Atlantic Border Collie Rescue?
We choose this site because after hearing stories about Sarah and experiences had by Break Away staff it sounded like an amazing, motivating and engaging organization that could offer a truly incredible alternative break experience. Animal Advocacy was the social issue chosen because of the lack of awareness but dire need for it. Mid Atlantic Border Collie Rescue seemed like a great fit for this social issue because of the passion behind it and people involved with it. Dogs seemed to be a good animal to focus on because just about everyone can recall a special pup or make a personal connection with this species.

Group Excitements/Hopes:
Participant 1: I hope to gain a better understanding of the animal advocacy issue and Border Collie breed. I feel like it is an important issue that I don’t quite know how to explain its importance to others. I am excited for lambs, group bonding, playing with dogs, exploring the farm, leaning more about this issue and breed of dog.
Participant 2: My biggest passion in life is helping animals; especially dogs. I am so excited to get to play with the dogs and whatever other animals are there at the farm. I also really hope that we get to help birth lambs. I cannot wait to meet Sarah and all of the dogs and love them.
Participant 3: I am excited for helping out on the farm, taking care of dogs for a week and getting a small taste of Maryland.
Participant 4: I am excited for learning more about how to properly take care of dogs, helping out outside my normal grounds, going somewhere to meet new people, and to try new things like helping to birth lambs.
Participant 5: I am excited to learn more about an play with the border collie! I am excited to learn more about and play with Border Collies. I am excited to learn more about the program you run (MABCR). I am excited to see lambs, I am also very excited to experience life on a big farm and go to Maryland.
Participant 6: I am excited for lambing, walking Border Collies, living on a farm, visiting Maryland, exploring the area, making a difference and helping out, and learning new skills.
Participant 7: I am excited to work with the dogs …I love dogs! I am excited to learn more about how we can help with animal advocacy and programs that focus on it.

Participant 8: I hope to learn more about animal advocacy and the animal rights movement in general. I am excited to possibly birth and take care of baby lambs (SO COOL!) I am excited to meet the beautiful Border Collies. I hope and want to receive information from Sarah and other community members we meet on how to take care of this issue and bring it back home.
Participant 9: I am excited for being able to enjoy a new experience somewhere I’ve never been before. Also I am excited to be able to help out with the dogs and help a good cause like Mid Atlantic Border Collie Rescue. Another thing I am excited for os learning new things and challenging myself to do things that I have never done before.
Participant 10: I am excited to make a difference, help something wild that has become helpless in current environments, entertain and be entertained by the dogs, and build a relationship with like minded individuals.

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