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Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

06 February 2014

Toy Review: Skineeez Big Bite by SPOT

Recently I have had a couple litters of pups here on the farm, and the puppy chewing has been over the top. That, on top of this harsh winter has depleted my store of toys and I decided to boy a couple of toys to supplement the tattered remnants of the toy box.

I chose two toys that I felt were tough enough for my players, I took them home and left them on the floor while the dogs were out, just to see what they thought of the new toys...

This is a review of the first toy, Ethical 5715 Skinneeez Wooly Sheep Stuffing-Less Dog Toy, 13-Inch (pictured above)

Both toys were discovered within a few minutes (I will be reviewing the other toy as well in an upcoming post). The Skineeez toy was the more coveted toy, and drew more attention as it makes noise (it comes with a water bottle already inserted).  I LOVE the idea behind this toy. Once the water bottle has been flattened, you can easily replace it with a new water bottle. There was lots of play and interaction with this toy, two of the dogs played together with it, then Maes stole it and spent time tossing it in the air and shaking it like crazy. So, the dogs definitely found the toy to their liking, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The downside for me is the toy lasted less than 24 hours. Now, I do have a ripper (Maes) and I have no doubt that she was at the bottom of the ripping and tearing. I suspect if it weren't for Maes, the toy would have lasted much longer and as I said, the dogs did really love playing with it...

So, I give it a fairly high rating for non-chewers, especially for dogs that love to toss and shake toys. This will make an excellent toy for young dogs, puppies love the sound of a crunching water bottle....this toy also comes in other 'forms' and sizes (bigger and smaller) for all of the dogs in your life...and it is reasonably priced.

If you would like to try this toy with your dog(s), please go in through the fundinco portal of amazon to make your purchase; a portion of every dollar you spend there will come to MABCR....

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Mary Whitsett said...

I love these for my young beagle. She rips the stuffing out of everything. But the down side is she will also rip thes apart to remove any squeakers. Some of them have more than 2 squeakers. In minutes they are out or the toy is destroyed until it is. They are much cleaner than a stuffed toy.