Dog Days

Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

21 October 2016

Adoption Update: Junior (formerly Newt)


I wanted to give you an update on Junior (Newt).  He is the absolute love of our lives, along with his brother Bo of course. We can not imagine life without him anymore and he spends all day, everyday with us. My older dog Bo NEVER played with any of my foster dogs, and as I type this, he and Junior are wrestling at my feet. They love to race around the yard and play frisbee. They love each other. Everyone compliments me on how well trained Junior is already, he is so smart! He knows sit, stay, lay down, come, paw left and right, spin, and we are working on roll over and fetch. He rarely has accidents in the house, and only chews on his toys. 

He went to his first puppy class today which he absolutely loved. He loved playing with all the other dogs, meeting new people, and playing on big toys. He loves rides in the car and coming to work with me. His vet appointments have been going well. He has been microchipped, had all puppy shots, rabies shot and is being vaccinated for Lyme because of where we live. He is on Nex guard and Heartguard already. 

I can not express how fortunate I am for being abe to adopt this little man. He is exactly what I have wanted to add to my family for the last couple of years, I am so glad I waited. Thank you so much for letting him adopt us, he is very very happy.


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