Dog Days

Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

25 November 2016

Adoption Update: Beagan!

A quick update on the little guy...

He's now about 9 years old, but still has the go-go-go of a MUCH younger dog! He's the most wonderful companion, is silly and sweet, and is of course, super smart. He's a trick dog, and is surprisingly well known in our little town. He's been featured on television with my husband Eric, performs every year to support a local pet therapy organization, and is jokingly referred to as the mayor of our neighborhood. 

We have a beautiful wooded park nearby with loose leash laws, so he gets lots of time every day to run around and be a dog in a natural setting. He's not super interested in many other dogs and is usually afraid of cats, haha. He's learned how act around small children, though I don't think he likes the littlest ones much 😉 (we don't have children of our own). He loves to play tug, be chased, and fetch the ball. He is very spoiled, but hopefully in a healthy way! Thank you so much for bringing us together!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thanks again,


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