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Dog Days at Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

18 September 2017

In Memory - MABCR Nellie Bolton

Sarah –

Here we meet again, with heavy hearts. We are sad to write we lost our baby girl Nell on Monday, 9/11. She had a massive stroke on Saturday and went into total paralysis. Nothing could be done except to let her go to be with her Big Sis. I spent all day Sunday until it was time to go to bed just lying with Nellie loving her and keeping her hydrated, knowing full well what the inevitable outcome would be come Monday morning. We laid her to rest at approximately 9:30 am.

She was a beautiful and loving girl and we will miss her terribly. After the pain of losing Scooch had passed, Nellie blossomed (no more need to be jealous!), and ate up all the love we gave her. We know Scooch wanted her Baby Sister back and now they are together.

WOW, I just took the time to read my email I sent to you last year (below) regarding Scoochy and noted ironically how the dates coincided. Scooch and Nell were truly connected. (editor's note - Scooch passed 11 September 2016)

As you can imagine, we are completely devastated. The house is too quiet, no one to say goodbye to in the mornings and no one to greet us at the end of the day. My prayer is that the girls will be in heaven waiting for us when it’s our time to join them. God bless you, Baby Mamu! Play in peace!!

Born: April 28, 2003 Died: September 11, 2017

** For those of you who know me, Nell is my Grace's littermate, so passings such as this, remind us all how precious the old age of our dear friends is. ~ Sarah

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